Itsy Bitsy Kids

Welcome to our ItsyBitsyKids website!

ItsyBitsyKids is an alternative channel for nursery rhymes on YouTube. Famous songs for kids in a new style. Mother Goose is our muse.
We try to release  every month a new clip.
Have fun and enjoy our songs!

The Story behind:
Matthias Möller-Titel, a German music producer, was looking for nursery rhymes on YouTube, which are animated in a design of children’s book illustrations he knew from his own childhood. His ambition was either to bring those nursery rhymes home to his one-year-old daughter and giving her a sense for different well-established designs behind the „pop-culture“ by watching nice videoclips.

But he couldn’t find any clips like that. So the idea was born to create his own YouTube-channel in the design of old children’s book illustrations. His wife Nathalie gives her voice for the songs and some illustrators who share his passion for old children`s book illustrations in a modern style join him to create the clips. The upload started in March 2017. We hope that you like the style of ItsyBitsyKids too.

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